For my Emerging Media project, my group is aiding Dr. Lori Walters at the UCF Institute for Simulation and training by informing and educating the public on the history and importance of the Cocoa Beach Glass Bank. Our eight person team was arranged 4/4 dividing into project management and design sections. While some skills overlapped, I was responsible in conveying the larger vision and guiding the group through the process. My role help solidify our presentation as I worked on the management portion of the responsibilities including organizing doodle polls, assisting in setting up social media, and bringing the group together as a marketable project manager.

I am a stickler for detail, event planning, and organization. After presenting at 4 conferences, 2 research showcases and countless other events, I feed off the audience’s energy. At the University of Central Florida’s Showcase of Undergraduate Research and Excellence, I was the main presenter, delivering a quick 10-15 minute speech encompassing the vision of our project. My success in research is highlighted by an honorable mention received at SURE 2014 event with my project The Impact of Culture on Students’ Motivation in Acquiring a Second Language  and first place with another project at SURE 2015 with my individual project, Cross-Cultural Ways and their Role on Students’ Perceptions on Russian and American Culture in a Linguistic Context.

I will also be presenting an additional segment of my 2015 SURE research project at the

Character Animation Premiere and Digital Media Showcase

Monday, April 27, 2015; 5:30pm – 9:00pm

Where: UCF Center for Emerging Media (500 W. Livingston St., Downtown Orlando)

The project is an add-on to my SURE research and focuses on an  Audio-English Game Learning American Culture through the use of Twine Video game software. The target audience is the St. Petersburg School for Blind and Visually Impaired in Russia, the school my group is collaborating with through the U.S. Department of State Grant Peer to Peer: Getting Closer A Cross-Cultural U.S.–Russian Project.

Strengths: Versatility, flexibility, time management, creative planning.


1.) I guided the group through the Showcase of Undergraduate Research and Excellence with logistics, planning, and presenting.

2.) Kept communication centralized.

3.)  Worked to engage the team and brainstorm ideas (ie: qwerty code.)

4.) Managed Social Media

5.) Photo Editing

6.) Construction and Set up

7.) Main presenter


Throughout the course of this project I learned…

1.) The impact and importance of team communication, vision and direction. We united as a team of artists, web designers, communicators and presenters to combine all our skills together for one mission. Working with Dr. Walters has been a pleasure and her passion for the project is infectious.

2.) Knowledge of WordPress and other software platforms.

3.) Application of website, Photoshop and video editing skills.

4.) Understanding the impact of promotion for future project funding. Establishing a presence.

5.) Stepping back from the larger project and understanding our roles. I truly understood the value and application of my role as an emerging media management professional.

Significant Accomplishments:

-Excellent liaison work with Dr. Lori Walters to convey her vision for documenting the Glass Bank.

– Great team dynamic from start to finish, 150 hours of work, 4 group meetings and 3 individual meetings in addition to the regular class sessions.

-Gaining awareness and popularity about the history of the Glass Bank and Chronopoint technology.

– Low budget operation- 80 dollars total cost

Cocoa Beach Glass Bank Powerpoint Presentation

From Demolition to Digital edited

Night time glass bank girl

Impact of Social Media

image1 (1)image1image2 (1)image2

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